Nancy Garcia was born in California and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has studied painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.  She draws inspiration from materials, process and memories of her environment.


Drawn to working in different mediums, I explore relationships and space defined by form.

Whether it is paint, the aged patina of vintage paper, or a scrap that is repurposed as a template or used as a featured element, materials and process inform my work.  Using photography as a tool to document my surroundings, memories are cataloged.  Although an image may never be referenced following it's capture, fragments of form, line and color seem to find their way into my work. 

I interpret the world as an assemblage of contrast, line, color and form.  From architecture, the city block or natural forms, to bold graphic images on a page, the screen, or in the environment - I find beauty in parts of the whole.  My work is a reflection of these memories.

Nancy Garcia

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